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Culinary van Geest


After a career in Belgium as chef Peter van Geest has changed course. Through his passion for sailing and his sailboat "Noorderlicht” he has been working as a sailor for several on another boat the “Mare” of Friesland. This sailing ship provides cycling sailing holidays on the IJsselmeer and the Waddenzee.

Over time, Peter wanted to be "Culinary" again. He decided to re-focus on the gourmet kitchen.

He works as a chef on the luxurious motor passenger ship “Magnifique”, where he presents a superb dinner for the guests who are enjoying their cycling, sailing holidays.


At Home Sail & Bike Peter conjures up gastronomic delights.

He will prepare a “Living Room Dining experience” on particular locations. His dishes have a “Zeeland” finish. The “Three-course dinners” will finish with a "Tasting of the Zeeland flavor."


Nice to know:

At Home Sail & Bike we will welcome you during the day with coffee / tea and delicious Zeeland delicacy a “Bolus”


Often in Zeeland during the coffee a “Bolus”, spread with butter, is served. This sweet syrupy cake comes from the Portuguese Jewish community and dates from the 17th century.

The bolus is up to now still found at Jewish bakers and every bakery in Zeeland.

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